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> Hi Rajesh
> As per your advise I have gone through the document "Translation Style
> and Convention Guide for Hindi". While there were so many important
> things there to be noted and followed, I also felt that at a few
> places the concepts explained were a bit dated and needed revision.
> I have submitted a few translations regarding "Burning ISO disks",
> earlier. I shall revise them and try to make them conform to the
> standards set by Fuel.
> There are some more issues that I would like to discuss. Is any IRC
> meeting scheduled recently?
> thanks for your support and regards
> thanks
> Mohan
> FAS name: mohanprakash
> IRC nick: mpduty
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Thanks Mohan!

This weekend we reviewed the Hindi style guide [1] in Mozilla Hindi
Community Meet [2]. We discussed it in detail in the meet and after that it
will be released. Hope this will make it better.

The style guide is under FUEL Project and on 2nd Wednesday of every month,
we meet on #fuel-discuss @ Other communication channels
are listed here [3].

Please feel free to write here or on fuel project mailing list about your
view so that we can discuss the issue and improve it.


Rajesh Ranjan

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