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Simon Yergeau info at
Thu Feb 5 19:36:03 UTC 2015

  * Name: Simon 'kharv' Yergeau
  * Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  * Login: kharv
  * Language: French
  * Profession or Student status: IT helpdesk expert / Major in
    Philosophy / Returning to school this fall in translation
  * About You:
      o I majored in philosophy and since teaching was not for me, I
        have spent the last 7 years working in call centres (IT
        helpdesks). I have been always offered promotions, but was not
        interested, since IT is not really my cup of tea... I am
        basically a password-reset expert :P
      o I enjoy IT as a hobby but always have found it stressful as a
        job. My knowledge is vast, but mostly general. I know
        QuickBasic, Pascal, C, PHP, HTML, but superficially; I can build
        a computer from scratch; and I'm learning about Linux every day
        which I truly enjoy.
      o The open source mentality has great appeal to my core values as
        a human being.
      o I have taken a great interest in translation work as of late,
        and it will complement very nicely my ambitions to become
        someday a published author. I have self-published my first novel
        using Lulu dot com, and I am currently working on my fifth (in
      o I look forward to gaining some field experience while at the
        same time giving something back to the community; I have enjoyed
        Fedora for nearly 3 years on my home computers, it is a great
      o I have already done some translation work for a website,
        chesstempo dot com, which is a site dedicated to improving chess
        players. Since I was enjoying the work, I decided that I would
        make a new career path out of it. Chess is a major hobby of mine
        and I regularly engage in local tournaments, having even won
        some prize money a few times!
  * You and the Fedora Project:
      o At this time I am not interested in other Fedora projects, I
        wish to practice and improve my translation skills. Fedora has
        been my distro of choice for nearly 3 years.
  * GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
      o ~ $ gpg --fingerprint 1DBA8597
        pub   2048R/1DBA8597 2015-02-05
               Key fingerprint = 9D54 7AEC 1477 15CE E57F  A9B0 7977
        E54A 1DBA 8597
        uid                  Simon Yergeau (kharv) <info at>
        sub   2048R/E9ECE304 2015-02-05

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