Self-Introduction: Peter, German

Peter Thermometer ageha.stg at
Mon Jun 22 09:44:41 UTC 2015

Name: Peter
Location: Germany
Login: ageha
Language: German

About me: Fedora user since Fedora Core 3, and I wanted to always be
involved in some way in the Project. And I think helping out the
Localization Project is a nice way to start.

➜  ~  gpg2 --fingerprint 10BD2549
pub   rsa2048/10BD2549 2015-05-30
Key fingerprint = 8A4F 898D 0E0A 84C8 D93B  82E3 8740 3C82 10BD 2549
uid       [ultimate] ageha <ageha.stg at>

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