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Esteban RD stbnruiz001 at
Tue Mar 31 19:52:50 UTC 2015

Hi, I found information about the Guarani language are attached ..
Could you stop using it to proceed? the Plural Form is not available
as you can see but many other information if you are .
If you really need it I'll have to see how to insert or create this
within the group
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Language codes

ISO 639-1	gn
ISO 639-2	grn
ISO 639-3	gug
Glottolog	para1311

Likely Subtags: 
Source Region: Paraguay
Target Lang: Guarani
Target Script: Latin
Target Region: Paraguay
Source ID: und_PY
Target ID: gn_Latn_PY

Writing system
Guarani alphabet (Latin script)

Official language in
 Corrientes (Argentina)

name GuaranĂ­
code gn
code_aliases gn-py, gn-bo
nplurals 2
pluralequation (n > 1)
rule_one n is one
rule_other everything else

Plurals Forms
No FOUND, found only this:

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