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Hi all,

    Brief about the proposal. We have presently 4 groups in the Fedora,
working to make it a truly global distribution. Those groups are
Internationalization, Localization, Fedora language testing group and one
more that is Zanata providing us Translation platform.

    Presently everyone doing there best to achieve Fedora objective to
increase community by removing language barriers of the distribution. [1]
    This proposal is too bring these 4 groups together to further Fedora
advance Fedora project on this activity.

    What is proposed?
    1. Better planning for Fedora releases from Globalization perspective.
        * Understanding present state
        * Ultimate future state
        * Finding way to reach there.
        * How to be more active in community and grow community.
    2. Syncing activities more closely with Fedora releases.
        * Feature planning
        * Development planning
        * Testing days
        * Documentation
        * Outreach for Globalization activities through Magazine and
    3. Additional workflow to existing
        * New IRC for globalization #fedora-g11n
        * Monthly meeting for Globalization activities within Fedora.

    I have drafted proposal with bit more details At wiki. [2]
<>  I am sure
with your feedback we can add few more things in plan. Looking for your
feedback. If everything goes well we can start this for Fedora 23 release.

Pravin Satpute

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