Self-Introduction: Bruno Furtado, Brazilian Portuguese

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Sun Oct 11 02:25:33 UTC 2015

Hello Bruno.

Sorry for the late response.

Really nice have you aboard and I hope you enjoy.

Make sure you request to join in our team (pt-BR) in the Zanata[1]
according to the guides[2][3]

Also, please include your name in our page[4] as translator.


Also, you can find us on IRC at on channel #fedora-l10n

On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 12:32 AM, Bruno Furtado <bffurtado at> wrote:

> Name: Bruno Furtado
> Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
> Login: bfurtado
> Language: Brazilian Portuguese
> Profession status: SysAdmin in the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro
> About You: Hello everybody, I'm Bruno Furtado. I live in Rio de Janeiro,
> where I work as a SysAdmin at City Hall.
> You and the Fedora Project: I work with FOSS over 10 years and always felt
> the need to reciprocate in some way. Lately I've been working with Red Hat
> products and I run Fedora in my workstation so I decided to join the Fedora
> community. I would like to contribute to the team translating everything
> that is necessary for the Portuguese.
> GPG KEYID and fingerprint: 0xB5BB2E3C
> pub   2048R/B5BB2E3C 2015-09-22
>       Key fingerprint = 3FB2 52A5 5870 7B8B B580  5715 EB90 7E18 B5BB 2E3C
> uid                  Bruno F. Furtado (bfurtado) <bffurtado at>
> sub   2048R/53E39E43 2015-09-22
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Thank you for your time, cordially,

Bruno Roberto Zanuzzo / twitter, IRC: xmrbrz /

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