Self-Introduction: Jona Azizaj, Albanian Translator

Jona Azizaj jonaazizaj at
Thu Oct 29 21:28:36 UTC 2015

Hello, I'm Jona, a new Fedora Ambassador in Albania. I study Business 
Informatics  at the University of Tirana  and I'm a hackivist at Open 
Labs. I'm passionate about philosophy of Open Source, i believe in 
transparency and cooperation, open and free Internet. Lately i have been 
working on promoting FLOSS in Albania and I'm very passionate about 
programming, i already know C++, Java, HTML, JS and a bit of Python and 
I'm learning other languages. Now I'd love to contribute at Fedora 
Localization Project to bring everything around Fedora closer to our 

This Saturday in Tirana, we are organizing  for the  first time an 
event  in order to gather some people also interested in translating 
everything that has to do with Fedora, and we are calling it  "Fedora 
Localization Sprint #1 
<>" !  At the moment as 
we speak  we have organized some sessions of  Mozilla and LibreOffice 
Localization Sprint which i must say that were very successful and now 
we are planning to have some other events of such nature for Fedora. We 
are thinking to translate as much as we can, so we won't focus only in 
Zanata but also in  Fedora Wiki, because at our hackerspace we have some 
active contributors in Wikipedia who are happy to help us bring forward 
this project.

As we are expanding our community and our contributors,  wewould like to 
have our own mailing list: trans-sq at Cananyone 
helpus about this task?

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