Problems with X system

Frank Turscak ftokcfed at
Mon Dec 1 05:45:13 UTC 2003

Thanks, Iain.  I'll add your fine instructions to my learning notes.

Iain Buchanan wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 13:29, Alex Pankin wrote:
>>Can anybody suggest whether I can avoid loading X-system at the boot time?
> If you mean you just want to stop the graphical boot, edit
> /boot/grub/grub.conf and remove 'rhbg' from the end of the 'kernel'
> line.  If you want to stop X completely, and just boot into a text
> console, change the default run-level as well: edit /etc/inittab and
> change
>  'id:5:initdefault:' to
>  'id:3:initdefault:'.
> You may notice that different services (httpd, cups, kudzu, etc) will
> now start.  Thats because each service can be defined to start for each
> run-level.  You'll need to run redhat-config-services, or chkconfig, to
> specify which service starts for which run level.
> HTH,

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