Install problems

Clifford Snow glass-art at
Tue Dec 2 04:28:13 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 18:03, Jeffrey Siegel wrote:
> I'm running on an hp p3, when I insert the iso disk 1 it just opens a window
> showing me the cd and does nothing.

You didn't give us much information to go on.  Are you trying to upgrade
an existing Redhat system?  Are you trying to install Fedora over

If it is an upgrade, you should consider a fresh install.  But to just
upgrade, insert disc 1 and reboot the system.  It will prompt you. 
(Your system needs to be able to boot from a CD, if not you will need to
create a boot floppy.)

If this is an MSWindows system, you can also just insert disc 1 and
follow the prompts and Fedora will reformat your HD giving you a fresh

You best bet is to give us a better explanation of what you are trying
to accomplish.

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