Solution to pine/pico install, dependency

Gordon Messmer yinyang at
Tue Dec 2 05:01:11 UTC 2003

Matt Temple wrote:
> Further, I believe that this is only an issue if there are functions in
> the "real" that aren't in that are 
> called by Pine and Pico.

Actually, it will be an issue if there are any missing symbols, or if 
the functions provided by take a different number of 
arguments, or arguments in a different order, or arguments which are 
pointers to different sized structures.

When so versions change, believe that the changes are incompatible, even 
if symbols actually resolve.  Somewhere in there is a SEGV waiting to 

> That being said, I've been using Pine/Pico ever since I got the Fedora 
> release employing the link as described above with not-a-crash or
> other problem.

Probably because you aren't doing any Kerberos authentication, so the 
functions in the library are never used.

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