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Tue Dec 2 18:47:01 UTC 2003

Hi here,

> Yes, what do you think about to create a brazilian fedora group list?
> I can to use Yahoo Grupos!

Please, not there! I got many problems with yahoo: i cannot subscribe from any
list there, and the administratos never solved my problems.

I guess sourceforge would host this kind of project, maybe fedora project
itself. If none of those work, I'll try to setup myself on my hosting

Some volunteer to contact sourceforge? If there's none, I can do this, but I
got a broken arm so I wish to keep typing to a minimum...

By the way, I have a 280+ pages tutorial on installing, using and administering
Red Hat. In portuguese, of course. It will be my donation to the "fedora
brasil" project. Some parts of it are outdated (wrote for RHL 5/6) but most is
still usefull, and with a little help it can become a great book on fedora. :-)

[]s, Fernando Lozano

> Alexandre Strube <surak at surak.eti.br> wrote:
> Em Sex, 2003-11-28 às 00:31, Mauricio escreveu:
> > I want to talk with Fedora Brazilian Users!Or any people that speak
> > Portuguese! I have te objective to create a website in portuguese with
> > many informations about the Fedora Project!
> > Please enter in contact: mauricio_machado at click21.com.br
> I think we are several here, certo? :-)
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