printing to a network printer

Robert Marcano robert at
Wed Dec 3 18:52:19 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 14:31, Randy Kelsoe wrote:
> Don wrote:
> >The printer is attached to the network. It has a 10Base-T JetDirect card in
> >it.
> >The "usual" print server is a Windows machine and all the Windows clients in
> >the office have the network printer defined as a "network printer",
> >connected to the "shared printer" on the printer server.
> >
> This does not make sense. The purpose of the JetDirect card is so the 
> machines on the network can print directly to the printer from the net. 
> Why route all the printing through the server as well?

It depends of the size of your network, I never setup a network printer
on each machine directly, because I want to log the activity (thanks to
cups), print jobs separator pages and control the users that can have
access to the each printer (I don't want everyone printing garbage on a
color laser printer)

For the networks that I manage, the purpose of the JetDirect card (or
equivalent on non HP printers) is to have better performance, and to
have access from multiple printer servers ;-)

> >Now I'm trying to set up FC1 on the same network, to use the same printer...
> >either directly as a "JetDirect" connection, or through the windows shared
> >printer.
> >
> >Don
> >  
> >
> Try running (as root) redhat-config-printer, and for your queue type, 
> select "Networked JetDirect", put in the IP address of the JetDirect 
> card for the printer name, leave the port at 9100, select the 
> Maunfacturer (HP) and model (LaserJet 5Si?????), and you should be good 
> to go.
> For your Windows boxes, run the add printer setup wizard, and choose 
> "local printer" instead of "Networked Printer" and instead of LPT1: for 
> the port, use a standard TCP/IP port.....

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