avoid nvidia?

Don dnrlinux at san.rr.com
Wed Dec 3 22:49:15 UTC 2003

I'm finally getting fed up with my ancient Pentium 60MHz 96MByte Ram,
machine and am thinking of buying a replacement for the sole purpose of
running Fedora.... I don't really care if the GUI works, I'll probably set
the machine at runlevel 3 (is that the one for "normal" use, non-gui?)

But, I would like to be able to run X if I needed to...

>From what I've seen on this list there's a lot of comments/problems with
nvidia graphics cards.... if I'm looking to buy a machine, should I avoid
nvidia all together? And if so, what's a better choice?

I'm looking to spend around $600-$800 ... I don't need a monitor, keyboard,
mouse, I don't even need a large hard disk. I thought I would remove
whatever hard disk comes with it, putting in a "spare" 120GB disk I have.

What am I going to do with this machine:
    - run apache
    - run sendmail
    - run squirelmail
    - a few other little odds and ends... it's just for fun :-)
Don Russell

(North America: Pacific Time Zone)

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