switch-mail and Postfix (newbie)

WA9ALS - John wa9als at starband.net
Fri Dec 5 01:01:32 UTC 2003

> > 2.  If #1 is true, then why do I get a command not found error when I
> > issue
> > redhat-switchmail-nox?
> As somone else mentioned, that isn't a valid command.

You're right, I typed that wrong.  I've discovered though, that my first
problem is that the switchmail package isn't installed (although it
apparently comes with FC1).

> > 3.  I don't see Postfix in the package list - Is it in FC1?  If not,
> > place to get?
> Umm... I see it on the list.

No kidding!  My only excuse for this blooper is maybe mentally I was
subconsciously looking for "postscript" instead of "postfix"!


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