Please Add Nvidia install info to FAQ [WAS Re: FC1 & NVIDIAaccelerated drivers.]

Michael E. Adams meadams at
Fri Dec 5 01:51:23 UTC 2003

Two cents more:

The nvidia driver installation became a problem when the compiler used
to build the kernel was no longer the default compiler. The nvidia
installation scripts compares the version of the default compiler on the
system to the version used to build the kernel. They are not the same
version on Fedora. They were on Redhat. So, the nvidia script refuses to
build and install the driver until doing an 'export CC=gcc32'. Users
never had to set this switch with Redhat. This resulted in the flood of
e-mail to the Fedora mail list. Yes, nvidia has comments in their
documentation on how to do this, but it is not clearly written for a
novice. Fedora did not warn Redhat converts of the change. I don't think
the Fedora project (my personal opinion) wants to become so exclusive as
to exclude novices wanting to get involved and learn the ropes. Yes, the
repeated e-mails can be tiresome. But, until a better system is in place
to obtain information, they won't stop. Its been my observation that the
Fedora chat channel gets the same type of repeated traffic.


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