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On Saturday 06 Dec 2003 4:48 pm, James Drabb wrote:
> Hey group,
> Is there any app similar to k3b for Gnome?  I am a Gnome user so I never
> tried k3b until this last week and have to say that it is an excellent
> CD/DVD burning app.   Though, being a KDE app, the Gnome integration is
> non-existent.   Prior to k3b, I have just been doing things from the
> command line.  But I do like being able to just drop MP3 and OGG files
> into k3b and getting a working audio CD.  I didn't see any obvious way
> to make audio cd's from XCDRoast with out manually converting to wav
> before hand.  I also tried gcombust, though I don't care for the older
> gtk-1.2.x interface.
> Jim Drabb

Hi Jim,

if you have apt installed, if not go to and download it, then go to the other 
url below:

http://www.fedora.us/wiki/FedoraHOWTO			### apt packages


and add the entries it says for your /etc/apt/sources.list

then do:

apt-get update 				#### gets new package info etc
apt-get dist-upgrade 			#### upgrades everything to latest realeases
apt-get install k3b			#### installs k3b and all needed dependanices

The rest is done for you. It will not install the whole of KDE, just the 
necessary libs etc.

The k3b icon should appear in system tools.

I run Kmail and loads of other KDE apps on gnome.

Again all you need are the libs etc.

Hope this helps.

P.S I hope you have some form xDSL, but it shouldn't take too long on dail-up

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