NVidia GeForce MX 440, XFree86 NV driver, and dual-heads

Exile In Paradise exile at weylan-yutani.com
Sun Dec 7 06:57:02 UTC 2003

On Sat, 2003-12-06 at 23:13, Tyler Lane wrote:
> AFAIK, TwinView is only available using the NVIDIA binary drivers.

For all of the experimenting I have done today, I have come to the same
unhappy conclusion.

I appreciate the answer, even if its not what I was hoping to hear.

I have been wrestling a hard lockup problem (which never happened on the
same box under RH9) for the last week that may be related to the NVidia
drivers (using the CC=gcc32 workaround) or the NPTL changes when running
on this box (an SMP box on a 440GX board) or even the 2 Western Digital
drives in the box which won't run with DMA enabled. The box worked
without a hitch under RH9, but FC1 has slammed me over and over with
lockups... several a day some days.

Event with the lockups I am trying everything I can to avoid having to
rollback to RH9 or find another distro. I would prefer to stick with FC1
going forward even if it means some abuse at first... but after a solid
week its getting harder and harder to keep convincing myself to keep
working the problem. 

I was hoping that I could remove one potential problem vector from the
kernel side without losing a whole monitor and tons of GL performance.

I tried the nv driver and have given up getting dual-head to work with
it for now. I will switch back to the NVidia binary driver, but a
different build (see below) for now and put up with the licensing hassle
while I save up some money and start researching ATI dual-head cards and

The nv driver's lack of support for my configuration just means I get no
help on the NPTL problem vector because the lockups will automagically
be blamed on the NVidia driver, since its "tainting" the kernel...
completely disregarding the fact that the same version (4496) worked
under RH9. Needless to say I am not airing a lot of my real feelings
about this here.

For general FC1 community consumption, the NVidia Linux Forum @
www.nvnews.net does have  a Fedora Core 1 thread with pointers to RPMs
of the current NVidia driver and GLX for the 2129 kernel... as well as a
long thread about these lockups. Sigh.

Thanks again for responding and I hope this mess helps someone else.
Exile In Paradise
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