how to set up the firewall?

Keith G. Robertson-Turner redhat-forums at
Sun Dec 7 11:26:29 UTC 2003

On Sun, 07 Dec 2003 11:56:11 +0100, Oliver Kiessler wrote:

> but i think it's about time to have a decent and professional firewall
> configuration tool in fedora. that's what i missed about redhat linux
> too... what do you guys think? i mean it's not even in redhat enterprise
> which suprises me...

I think the kind of people (sysadmins) running RHEL will be running
iptables on a box that doesn't even have X installed, so gooeys aren't
going to be much use to them. In fact the firewall box is probably not
even RH/Fedora based at all, but SmoothWall or similar.

However, I agree that since Fedora is aimed squarely at the "enthusiast"
sector, it maybe is time to include something a bit more adventurous than

Personally I don't like 'em. Had a bad experience a few years ago, with a
gooey that basically wiped out a carefully crafted filter I'd worked on
for weeks, and replaced it with meaningless garbage. I haven't tried any
recent software, so Firestarter might be fine, I suppose, if you like that
sort of thing.

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