Moz-Firebird + Extensions Installation installation as Normal User

Christopher Blizzard blizzard at
Mon Dec 8 18:40:17 UTC 2003

Ow Mun Heng wrote:

>Hi All,
>	I'm having a issue here on how to install moz-firebird extensions as
>a normal user. It keeps telling me access is denied. how can I get it to
>install localloy under ~/.pheonix instead of /usr/lib/mozilla-firebird??
>PS : Not sure why but after I installed the mouse-gestures extension as
>root, firebird wouldn't want to come up as normal user. It keeps hanging
>there and trace and whatnots will not give me a clue. Ended up rpm -evv
>mozilla* and rm -rf /usr/lib/mozzila before re-doing a rpm -Uvh mozilla*
It's up to the package in question.  Some are smart enough to know to 
install in the user directory, some aren't.


Christopher Blizzard

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