Downloading Fedora now. Have some quetions/comments..

Lord Jester at
Tue Dec 9 04:01:53 UTC 2003


	Like the topic says I'm downloading now but I have some questions. I'm 
running suse 9.0 now, and have grub as my boot loader. When I install fedora 
what do I do? I mean would it be OK to just overwrite grub? If I keep it will 
it detect fedora with no problems? I'm installing to another drive so I'll 
have both OS's. 

Anyway, I'm hoping fedora is better then suse. It's not that I don't like it, 
in fact I like it better then any distro I've tried so far. It's just a 
little too buggy for me. After 3 reinstalls there are just way to many misc
problems that I keep running into. Random lockups when trying to reboot,
soundcard works, then it doesn't, installed software isn't really there etc. 

I tried redhat linux several years ago (94 I think) and I liked it, but just 
haven't gotten around to trying it out again. I thought it would be nice
to try out a distro as it starts out and watch it evolve.

I'm still rather new to Linux and been trying to read everything I can. 
Guess I'm rambling...


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