help with installing kde 3.2b

Rob Park rbpark at
Tue Dec 9 05:35:21 UTC 2003

Brian Connolly wrote:
> Okay.  I downloaded all the files for SRPMS.  What should I do?

'rpm -i *.rpm' is the one that you use when you downloaded the i386 RPMs 
that were compiled for fedora, not the SRPMs. You also have to do it in 
the same directory as all the KDE RPMs that you downloaded, and make 
sure that there are no RPMs in that directory that are not part of KDE 
3.2b2. You also may need to uninstall previous versions of the packages 
that are being installed.

I still haven't tried it, and I might not until thursday, as I'm busy 
with other things until then.

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