attacked, hacked ? help???- answer to call for book suggestions

Hank Maxwell lhm0155 at
Tue Dec 9 13:57:34 UTC 2003

	book suggestions, hmmmmmm ok well the ones that i highly recommend for
linux security and firewalls in general are:

Real World Linux Security by Toxen 
Hacking Exposed 4e
Hacking Linux Exposed 2e
Linux Firewalls by Ziegler
Linux Security Cookbook

and also the publishers of Hacking Exposed have just recently published
a series of "Quick Reference Manuals" entitled HackNotes, covering
general network security, linux and unix, web server and also
windows(they need all the help they can get)

if you aren't familiar with IDS systems new riders publishing also have
books on network intrusion detection and network signatue analysis. 

I personally have all of the above named titles and the suggested new
riders manuals as well, and they are all very good manuals, i didn't
suggest Practical Unix and Internet Security by garfinkel although i
have it and use it also , it's the grandaddy of them all, and a monster
read as well and covers things common to solaris, unix, linux, freebsd
and other *nix types.

if i were to give my indispensible manual list it would be:

Linux Firewalls
Linux Security Cookbook
Hacking Linux Exposed
Practical Unix and Internet Security
Real World Linux Security***** a DEFINATE must, has adaptive firewall
programming techniques.
and also the HackNotes series, yes even the windows one, teaches you the
techniques and common tools in use such as the script kiddie attack you
got hit with.

and if you really enjoy they whys and hows of stuff, get a good book on
NIDS and signature analysis, its what snort and the other utilize as the
ground support for everything...

hope this helps, 

May your script kiddies never learn to scan and ennumerate your

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