Samba vs. NFS

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Tue Dec 9 18:38:54 UTC 2003


> I ended up going with Samba because I couldn't figure out how to open up
> my firewall (yes, I use a firewall on my desktop even though I'm behind
> one of those D-Link cable modem routers) to open ports correctly to let
> NFS through. I'm not sure what's worse. To turn off my firewall
> completely or to use Samba because getting it to work through my
> firewall was easier.

NFS is a RPC-based service, so you have to run the portmapper daemon and open
its port (111). NFS itself uses port 2049. You also need to configure
tcpwrappers (/etc/hosts.[allow|deny]) so your clients can connect. Have you
read the NFS HOW-TO?

Once you have NFS working, you'll want to have all machines share the same
password database (to use the same uids/gids). The easier way is to use NIS
(more ports to open on your firewall, I can't remember which one, and haven't
found on /etc/services).

Trust me, don't try LDAP until you can make NIS work. :-)

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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