Samba vs. NFS

Alexandre de Abreu alexandre.abreu at
Tue Dec 9 21:48:24 UTC 2003

David C. Hart wrote:
> What is the convention wisdom with respect to Linux clients/Linux
> server? NFS, SMB, both?
> Samba SEEMS to provide better throughput yes? NFS presumably uses fewer
> resources/cycles?
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You can fix the ports and then play with iptables rules. NFS uses 
tcp/udp 2049 and if you edit the nfs script under /etc/init.d you will 
see that if the MOUNTD_PORT variable is set, the daemon is started with 
the -p option indicating the port that the rpc.mountd process will bind.

You can verify this with 2 commands:

"netstat -anp|grep LISTEN" or "rpcinfo -p localhost"

This will show the process name and port numbers of the RPC services.


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