Jim Cornette jim-cornette at
Wed Dec 10 02:50:10 UTC 2003

Aaron wrote:

>Slow is my Fedora, If I run a process things slow down, It may be
>running apt get, or a game or a compiling a program.
>I lose my mouse cursor, programs grey out, sometimes I get a lockup and
>can't even kill x and am forced to reboot.
>Any ideas??
I ran prelink -ua

 -u, --undo                 Undo prelink
 -a, --all                      all binaries

After running the preference, things seemed to be acting a lot quicker.

The main reason that I  undid prelink was to try to find out why 
redhat-config-packages, ...xfree86, ...boot stopped working. I found out 
that it wasn't prelink doing the killing. The speed improvement was just 
an observation from the action.


Still trying to figure out which program is causing the failure. Some 
developmental progams installed.

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