We need a good and simple hardware database for Free Software users.

Rui Miguel Seabra rms at 1407.org
Wed Dec 10 11:32:34 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 01:32, Andy Wallace wrote:
> JBNO, your comments, while valid in a perfect hacker society, are
> pointless and irrelevant here. We live in the real world, where Linux is
> trying to make a difference and succeeding. Having a go at new Linux
> users because they don't use purely free software will only alienate us
> from the growing user base. We don't need that. We're not all bug-eyed
> fanatics...are we?

I must've been living in an alternative world, then, since I've been
using exclusively Free Software for years.

Free Software _is_ on the real world. I've read somewhere a funny and
amusing short comparison of non-Free software with the blue pill...

Keep taking it, while we've had the red one... ;)

Additionally, while there are many new users of Linux, I think that most
of them couldn't care less about what Linux are they using, since kernel
level configuration and tuning is really way too much sand for their

We should help them see that if they choose a certain "blue" path, while
apparently safer, in fact hides important aspects of the real and "red"

> The NVidia driver works, at least. Not brilliantly, but it does work.
> Like most companies who have resisted Open Sourcing their drivers or
> releasing the specs, they'll come round in the end, they can't afford
> not to.

The Matrix works, at least. Not brilliantly, but it does work.

As for they'll come round in the end... well, you're pretty new to
graphic card support in the Free Software world, right? Because I've got
really tired of waiting for NVidia to come round...

Cheers, Rui

+ No matter how much you do, you never do enough -- unknown
+ Whatever you do will be insignificant,
| but it is very important that you do it -- Gandhi
+ So let's do it...?

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