attacked? hacked? help.....!

Leonard den Ottolander leonardjo at
Wed Dec 10 16:35:27 UTC 2003


> > Note I kept only two lines from each of your messages, 
> > whereas in each of your replies you made the rest of the list (likely a
> > couple of thousand people) read through about 100 lines of logs again and
> > again.

> Rodolfo, not to be picky, but there are some of us so new to Linux, of any
> flavor, that we may not know what information can be minimized to a couple
> of lines of quoted output - I am one of those, at this stage.

 (Sorry to keep wandering of topic.)

 The point is the *repeated* including of these log messages. Of course you 
can put log messages in your original mail, but it is unnecessary to quote 
them in your reply (even if your predecessor did so), because they can be 
found in the first mail, which can be found in your mail reader by either 
sorting on subject or thread.

 Best of course would be to include only the relevant part of the log 
messages in your original mail, but that of course would mean you 
understand them, and as such you have already solved more than half of the 
problem, which of course is seldomly the case with newbees ;).


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