KDE 3.2b2... any troubles?

Rob Park rbpark at ualberta.ca
Wed Dec 10 20:48:27 UTC 2003

Stephan Matthiesen wrote:
> 1. Failed dependencies:
> Fehler: Failed dependencies:
>         kdeaddons = %{epoch}:3.1.94-0.2 is needed by 
> kdeaddons-atlantikdesigner-3.1.94-0.2
> I just left out kdeaddons-atlantikdesigner and the rest installed without 
> problems. I still can't install atlantikdesigner, but I can't see how to 
> solve this, because kdeaddons is among the packages and should be consistent 
> with kdeaddons-atlantikdesigner.

Yeah, I had the same thing. I think the dependencies in the 
atlantikdesigner package are kinda broken, I just left it out.

> 2. when starting konqueror and trying to open a web page I get the message 
> "Please configure vim in the control center" (might be different wording in 
> English, my message was in German), and the web page is blank.

Hmmm, no, sorry. I didn't try to surf with konqueror, only browsing 
local files. It was late, and I was tired :)

All in all, KDE 3.2 looks really cool (I especially loved the choice of 
focus models... *wink*), but I'm going to wait for 3.2 final.

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