custom text only firstboot?

fedora fedora at
Thu Dec 11 03:15:28 UTC 2003

Is there a first boot-like mechanism available thats text only?

I thought about just scripting it out and replacing a set of scripts in 
/etc/init.d/,  but I thought maybe someone has got a nifty way to do this 

What ive built is a single cd fedora load (core and base) with updated 
rpms (at lest up to the 10th). I still need to do alot more (ks.cfg 
hardening like i did with RH for example), but I would like a post install 
configurator ran to configure network settings, user accounts etc and pass 
those variables into sed or something to updated iptables and other files 
(like apache, squid, sendmail, etc etc).

If not, ill probably start looking at using Perl for this as my shell 
scripting has gotten rather weak since I started using Perl for so much 



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