how bleeding edge will the next fedora release be?

Preston Crawford me at
Thu Dec 11 17:26:11 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 09:16, Brent wrote:
> > It's gotten emotional because someone is essentially saying I'm being a
> > leech if I don't run beta software or buy RHEL. If that's the
> > polarization of the product line then I will look elsewhere.
> I'd like to clarify a bit... Fedora Core 1 shouldn't be looked at as
> "beta" software, unless you're running one of the optional channels... 
> As installed from the CD's, with updates using the default up2date, it's
> quite stable.

That's my understanding as well.

> Some folks (myself included) run out of the optional channels that gives
> us more updates faster... these updates are essentially untested when we
> get them.  We test them and report back any problems we see...  You
> don't have to do that.  That is strictly optional.

Of course. My little bro runs Fedora (I got him switched from Mandrake)
and he runs beta stuff and 3rd party repositories because he likes
having the latest and greatest, etc. That's not for me, though.

> You can't be considered a leech if you're doing what the software was
> designed for you to do... Fedora is designed to be free of charge...

That was my understanding. Others seem to not share this view, however. 


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