SV: SV: SV: daemontools failed compilation (what about qmail?)

Paolo Nesti Poggi pnp at
Fri Dec 12 09:19:54 UTC 2003

> Alrighty, well having tried all 3 methods to try get
> dnscache
> daemontools
> ucspi
> all going on fedora, ie via the .i386.rpms / .src.rpms
> and via tarballs and patching them manually.
> Not one of those ways proves a positive result with trying to get
> dnscache to run.
> The supervise script/directory are not created and hence dnscache cannot
> start.

When you have installed daemontools, ucspi-tcp and djbdns you have to
configure dnscache (which is part of djbdns).
djbdns is both a dns cache server and a dns server (dnscache and tinydns).
For dnscache you have to create all relevant directories by running

Instructions here:

however the /service directory should have been created by the installation
of daemontools.

> Does anyone have any idea's as to the cause of this ? Im assuming
> someone here has successfully gotten these packages working with fedora.
> Than again it could be something ever so simple that I'm overlooking,
> however it is just a case of 4 patches to be applied and then compiling
> the 3 appropriate packages mentioned above.

Yes, you might have forgotten to run dnscache-conf, but i've not precise
info about what fails

You can try with David Sills instructions, at:

These are for Ucspi-tcp and Daemontools.

Then install djbdns as explained here:

BUT patch it first with this patch:

You should have done the same for ucspi-tcp and daemontools

Then go on with the said instructions at:

I have followed the workstation instructions for an ISP-like installation
Before starting dnscache stop Bind and eventually erase it when you have
verified that
dnscache works, to avoid it restarting when you reboot the system.
rpm -e bind
Please keep to these instructions, step by step, and if it doesn't succed
show what you've got.
That is: show the step you have followed and the result you've got.

It's few steps, it should be possible just to copy and paste the output on
your terminal.

If you want help from others you must send your email to the list and not to
me directly


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