Install hangups after writing file system

Kurt Fleschner kfleschner at
Fri Dec 12 14:23:01 UTC 2003

I have a new system, and I'm trying to install FC1 on it. Everything 
goes fine until its time to write packages and then the system hangs. 
Little hourglass cursor keeps turning, but the progress bar doesn't 
show anything. I've installed Mandrake 9.2 on in it, which installs 
fine, but will not boot because the kernel won't load properly and a 
host of other errors (says the disk is read only and shuts down). I'm 
not sure where to look to see if there's a log I can get to that will 
say what the problem is. Thanks for any help.

System Hardware:
Albatron KM18G Pro MB (nForce 2 based)
Athlon XP 2500 Barton (Zalman cooler)
120 GB HD on Primary IDE (master)
Aopen DVD/CD on Secondary IDE (master)
2X 256 PC2700 Samsung Ram in dual channel mode
Audigy 2
PV 250 TV card

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