USB mouse movement is jerky

Salvio salvio at
Sat Dec 13 22:52:34 UTC 2003


Laptop Dell CPx (it has a touchpad and one USB port)
using Fedora Core 1 - latest updated packages - and
X (Gnome).

My Logitech USB mouse works but every sencond or so
it stops responding for a fraction of a second and
then resumes working ok.

I have tried a number of different mice in the gnome
mouse configuration with no luck. My mouse is not
listed. I'm now using a generic wheel mouse.

Please note that when I had RedHat 9 installed on
this same laptop the mouse never gave me any problems.

I have to start my kernel using"acpi=on" because of
a conflict between my USB port and the PCMCIA network
card. Could this be related to my problem?

Case 1
Start the laptop with nothing plugged in the USB port.

Result is that the touchpad works fine.

Case 2
Start the laptop with my logitech mouse plugged in
the USB port.

Result is that the mouse works. Movement is jerky.

If I unplug the USB mouse, the touchpad doesn't work.
If I plug the mouse back in it resumes working (still
jerky though).



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