Conexant Chipset HSFi for Winmodem 24.

John Cox pk at
Sun Dec 14 21:18:01 UTC 2003

miguel at wrote:

Hi. I need to run winmodem with HSFi Chipset (Conexant PCI 56K v2).
 Any drivers for this hardware into Fedora Core 1 ??? Bye.
You can find linux drivers for most of the Conexant winmodem chips at
They also have links to utilities to determine which chipset  you have, etc.

The drawback is that this is a $ operation and the full driver versions 
cost $15.00 USD. (paypal)
You can download a test version. If you have to compile a driver (you 
will have to with this Fedora kernel),
 their scripts worked without a flaw. I had no problems and I am a 
newbie at this.

I've heard that SuSe 9.0 will support some of the winmodems but it 
didn't work for me.

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