nfs problem

Craig Tinson craig at
Mon Dec 15 02:54:27 UTC 2003

guys.. hope someone can point me in the right direction here..

I have a rh9 server co-located at my isp.. I want to export the web
root.. I have:

/var/www/       <my ip>/,rw)

in /etc/exports

when I try to mount that export here I get:

[root at gw mnt]# mount <server ip>:/var/www/ /mnt/www
mount: failed, reason given by server:
Permission denied

in the server logs I have:

Dec 15 02:32:52 wmm rpc.mountd: refused mount request from <my ip> for
/var/www (/): no export entry

so am a bit confused...

I have compared the setup to my home network where my server (host: gw)
is exporting various directories to my dev machine.. and that all works

any idea?



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