gtkam (gphoto) canon s45

Jonathan DeSena jonathan.desena at
Mon Dec 15 15:36:42 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 01:11, dsyates wrote:
> Has anyone had any problems getting their usb digital camera working? My
> Canon S45 worked just fine under rhl 9; now gtkam detects it just fine
> but it cannot be added because error states that it could not be
> initialized

I got the same error. I think that gphoto2 (which gtkam uses) has a
detection bug of some sort. For me it detects the camera model as 0x306a
when it should be 0x306c. Try downloading pictures using the following
at a command line:

gphoto2 --usbid "0x4a9:0x306c=0x4a9:0x306a" -P

This forces it to use the proper model id, and worked for me. I cannot
seem to get gtkam to use this option though, so I do not know how to get
the GUI version to work.


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