I think fedora needs...

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Tue Dec 16 10:31:20 UTC 2003

Hi Elton:

>IMHO, I think you are missing the point. LINUX is a multi-user system.
>Hence allowing users to install things goes against the security of


>from a GUI interface, which first prompts for the root password,
>*of course*. I'm not a programmer, but I would think it is feasable.

OF COURSE!. My be I explained bad. An example to make it more clear.

After a lot of time I convinced my wife to put only Linux in her computer
at home ( all others home computers that we have were migrated to Linux at
least one year ago ;) ). She is not computer intensive user. Only web,
mail, irc, ... kazaa :/ ... whatch video and instant messaging. She has
Fedora Core with synaptic but she goes to www.softonic.com ( as usually she
made under Windoze ) and say: Woa! amsn is exactly like MS Messenger, and
do all things that I could made with MS Messenger and can't do with gaim!.
I NEED IT ( Try to say to your wife that she doesn't need the thing that
she says ). She goes to the amsn homepage and see: After 5th October
Microsoft changed msn protocol. The new amsn version 0.83 support this new
protocol, to be able to talk with other msn users, download and install
0.83 version ( the link points to amsn.0.83.tar.gz ). Version numbers or
files are not accurated, but get the idea. Well, she can 'su -' and tar
xzvf app.tar.gz 'cause she uses normal user account but is HER computer and
need to use it ( and this include install new applications ) but... Wait!
configure claims that lib.something.0.34.so is missing and tk>=4.6 is
needed ( some of this can be solved installing some app-devel packages and
others need to be downloaded entirely from the net). But she is law
specialist, not sysadmin, then she calls me and I know how to solve this
deps, and ALWAYS is the same. Run configure, see what fails ( in 99,9% are
devel packages, new packages or upgraded versions of other applications ),
solve deps and run make, make install. The problem is that the new
installed app ( or upgraded ) is missing in the local application
repository ( rpm database ). I'm thinking on something like a
'apt/synaptic' with support for tar.gz, to TRY to install applications
where deps are 'evidents/mechanics' and not need a lot of effort to solve.

I hope this time I explained better the idea


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On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 04:54, dballester at kernpharma.com wrote:
> Hi:
> The really needs for Linux Desktop is an hipotetical program called
> something like LUI ( Linux Universal Installer ). With apt-rpm we have a
> good application manager but we need to make easy for end-users to
> on a program.tar.gz and run configure, make, make install in a fake
> resolving dependencies and working eith apt-rpm or standalone to
> download/install/update this dependencies.

That said, however, I would agree that some sort of universal GUI
installer would make it easier for those migrating from closed-source
platforms ...a prime example: Microsoft Windows (TM).

OTH, I would imagine a script that would extract the tarred file,
and running behind a gui. So in effect, instead of doing
"tar-xvf {filename}.tgz" on the command line, the user would do this


Elton Woo ;-)
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