up2date failed -- further information

M.Hockings veeshooter at hockings.net
Tue Dec 16 23:53:39 UTC 2003

M.Hockings wrote:

> I have just installed FC1 on two machines (one with some difficulty) 
> and it was running OK on both.  I then did the up2date thing selected 
> everything and let it go.  It downloaded all the headers OK but one 
> machine had a failure installing one package (error unpacking) and 
> ended up2date.  Subsequent invocations to up2date indicate that 
> everything is up to date but things are not updated.  For instance 
> gaim was supposed to be updated to .74 but is still at .71.  How do I 
> get up2date to re-check the installed packages and recover correctly 
> from the error.
> Updating the second machine also hit the same error with similar results.
> As always, suggestions would be appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> Mike

I  have re-installed one of the machines and found that if I update a 
single package it seems to run OK but if I update all off the available 
updated packages then one will fail when unpacking and the entire 
up2date app ends.

This is very frustrating.  I have two other machines that were upgraded 
from RH9 to FC1 and they don't show this problem.  The two machines 
showing the problem were clean FC1 installs.

Is the only solution simply to re-install both machines and update them 
one package at at time??  Or should I get my RH9 CD's out, install that 
then do an upgrade in order to have FC1 run correctly?


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