multiple duplicate postings -- whose fault is it?

Tom Gibbs tbgibbs at
Wed Dec 17 15:18:43 UTC 2003

I think if any one of us was obliged to step out due to a freak
accidental glitch, this list would get pretty empty before long. After
all, we're supposed to be helping each other to learn here. Not
persecuting each other for making a blunder.

If anyone should step out, it should be those who are so quick to judge
and condemn.

Tom Gibbs

On Wed, 2003-12-17 at 06:35, nicola.losito at wrote:
> If u want me to step out already tell me so and ?ill do it.
> Again, I'm VERY sorry and ashamed !!!!
> sicerily 
>    Nicola,

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