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Sam Barnett-Cormack s.barnett-cormack at
Wed Dec 17 17:42:00 UTC 2003

Well, apt should certainly work for dist-upgrades on fedora. I
understand that other people have used apt dist-upgrade to go from RH9
to FC1

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, Ventsislav Genchev wrote:

> According to the errata policy for The Fedora Project bug fixes and
> erreta updates will be available  for two to three months after the
> release of the subsequent version. That's ok.. but let's take an
> exampe... If I want to use Fedora Linux on some gateway for an instance
> and the erreta support stops, what should I do? Change it with Debian;
> Install the next version of Fedora Core (don't think so... I don't plan
> to change my os every 6 months)..
> What is the solution?
> Will updates for Fedora Core 2 work on Fedora Core 1?
> If someone out there could explain what should people who like (the
> Redhat linux, Fedora Core, their dir tree architecture, conf support,
> etc.. etc... ) do when a bug (securety risk) occurres after the
> end-of-life period, I'll be vary gratefull...
> PS: I don't plan to buy RHE.. so please don't offer that solution.


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