Newbie: How to upgrade from Red Hat 9 to Fedora from hard disk

Wuren Li liwuren at
Thu Dec 18 17:14:52 UTC 2003

  I've looked over the Fedora Release Notes and the 
archives of this list, but have not found answers to
some basic RH9-Fedora upgrade questions (I wish they
were in an FAQ).

1) I want to upgrade from a hard drive.  Where should
I place the 3 yarrow-i386 files? (Put another way, are
there some places I should not put them?)  Would
creating a 'temp' directory under the root directory
and installing from there be OK?  Would it be better
make a 'temp' directory under / ?

2) Could I do the upgrade over a network?  Even if the
3 files are on a Win32 machine?

3) What is the command to upgrade with these files?


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