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Can you post up the stanza required for grub.conf to boot off the
bootdisk.img file?  I'm working with a test machine that has no working
floppy or cdrom, and would like to upgrade to fedora via the ISOs on the HD.

Assuming I have bootdisk.img in /boot/fedora, would the grub.conf change be
the only change required?

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On Friday 19 December 2003 14:48, Ghod wrote:

> using HD upgrade is fine and dandy.. but "NOT" for newbies!!!! EVER!

This is nonsense.
I've always installed (from RH-5 or 6) from the hard disk,
and never had any problem.
(I don't have a CD drive on my Sony C1VFK laptop.)
If you boot from the bootdisk floppy
you are asked if you want to install from CD or hard disk,
and if you choose hard disk you are asked
what partition and directory your ISO images are on.
The instructions seem to me to be perfectly simple to follow
by anybody, newbie or not.

In fact my question is the opposite.
I don't understand why people go to all the trouble of burning CDs
to install Fedora-1 when you might as well install or upgrade from hard
I can see the point if you want to install on lots of machines,
or maybe if you have no machine running Linux.
But most people seem to be running RH-9,
in which case it seems to me much simpler to upgrade from hard disk.

[Incidentally, I don't have a floppy drive either on my laptop,
but have always found it easy enough to abstract the bootdisk from the ISO,
by -- in brief --

mount -o loop /windows/Fedora/yarrow-i386-disc1.iso /mnt/cdrom
mount -o loop /mnt/cdrom/images/bootdisk.img /mnt/floppy
cp -a /mnt/floppy/* /boot/fedora/

and adding a stanza in  /etc/grub.conf to boot from this directory.]

But that's a different story.
My main point is that it's easy and safe to install or upgrade from hard

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