up2date/yum and bittorrent

Rob Park rbpark at ualberta.ca
Sat Dec 20 03:04:43 UTC 2003

Rob Park wrote:
> Having each package being it's own torrent, for only about a few MBs, 
> just wouldn't really provide much benefit, unless there were hundreds of 
> people downloading at once.

What I meant to say here is that if you've got a torrent for a file 
that's only a couple of MBs big, it will be hard to have a lot of 
downloaders on the torrent at once; everybody will connect and finish 
the download very quickly. The result of this is that there will only be 
one or two downloaders at a time, and bittorrent is actually less 
efficient in the case of "1 seed, 1 leech" than a standard FTP/HTTP 
download or whatever yum currently uses to get it's files.

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