Oracle 9iR2?

David Muse david.muse at
Sun Dec 21 08:05:24 UTC 2003

On Sun, 21 Dec 2003 00:06:38 -0700
"Mark Fuller" <mark.fuller at> wrote:

> Has anyone installed Oracle 9iR2 on Fedora Core 1?
> I'm getting pretty close. I have the GUI installer displaying. I have it
> getting substantially through the install. It's erroring on a "
> (file or directory not found)." I searched Google and found some SUSE guys
> were getting it with version 8.2. There was no response to their questions
> in August.
> If anyone's got it to work, I'd like to know what steps they followed. If
> anyone's interested in trying, I'll provide the steps I followed (which
> include a couple of tricks to get around a problem).
> Thanks,
> Mark

I'm running 9iR2 right now.

I hacked my way though the install.  It was pretty nasty.

There are instructions for installing it on Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 at that allegedly work on Fedora Core 1.

I did it differently though.  Try those instructions first though.  If you
can't get it working that way,  I'll send you my procedure.

David Muse
david.muse at

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