Arjan 2.6 kernel soundcard problems

Tim Kossack tim_kossack at
Mon Dec 22 02:19:46 UTC 2003

Am Mo, den 22.12.2003 schrieb Jim Cornette um 02:59:
> Tim Kossack wrote:
> >just installed the latest arjan-kernel which works just fine, except
> >after booting the volume comtrol in the taskbar says "no audio device"
> >and the big mixer won't start either. after running the
> >audio-device-test and removing and readdition of the vc in the taskbar
> >sound is working fine. anyone knows how to fix this, because after ever
> >reboot i've to do the same steps again...
> >  
> >
> Sort of a me too. I run redhat-config-soundcard after boot and it 
> detects the card. The mixer then works. The toolbar applet does not work 
> though.
> I never tried audio-device-test though. This is true with Dave's 
> development version as with Arjan's 2.6 version.


good to know i'm not alone. i guess, if the "redhat-config-soundcard"
you mentioned is the gui-tool under "system settings", we're talking
about the same program...;-)(i'm german).

have you tried to leftclick on the toolbar applet _after_ you ran the
test "remove from panel", and then leftclick on an empty space appr.
where the applet was, in result showing a menue where you chose "add to
menue" -> "multimedia -> "volume control"?
works in my case.

let's wait and see if this gets fixed.

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