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C. Linus Hicks lhicks at
Mon Dec 22 05:52:17 UTC 2003

I'm trying to do a fresh install of Fedora core 1 on a system that is
currently running RHL 7.1 and I get a hard hang. I think it is still
loading modules, but I'm not sure. It passes mediacheck, I've tried
noapic and nousb with no luck. If I use noprobe it still hangs at the
same place. The last few lines that show up if I do alt-F4 right after
it gets by the mediacheck are:

<4> raid5: using function pIII_sse (2011.200 MB/sec)
<6> md: raid4 personality registerd as nr 4
<6> Journalled Block Device driver loaded
<6> LVM version 1.0.5+(22/07/2002) module loaded

The SCSI driver apparently loads up no problem as it shows hard drives,
CD-ROM, etc. I have IDE devices disabled in the BIOS since I have none
of those - it's an all SCSI system. The motherboard - Tyan S2567U3AN
Thunder HE-SL dual CPU with ServerWorks chipset - has an on-board LSI
Logic 53C1010-33 dual channel SCSI adapter. I also have an LSI Logic
64-bit PCI dual channel SCSI adapter having a 53C1010-66 chip. The SCSI
driver is the sym53C8xx and is probably the same version I'm currently
running in my 7.1 installation since it has the 2.4.20-24.7 kernel.

I did catch a message in the boot-up once about "Unsupported serverworks
chipset" but that is well before the hang. I have tried booting from the
floppys with the same result. I even burned a CD with the boot image on
it and tried using that to boot from, same result. Then I tried using
the boot image from the latest test build, but it seems to have a
version conflict with the core 1 i386 CD.

I can boot the RHL 7.3 CD, but 8.0 also hangs. I haven't tried RHL 9.

If anyone is able to help me get the install past this point, or to find
more information about why it hangs, I would really appreciate it.
C. Linus Hicks <lhicks at>

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