ACPI disabled because your bios is from 00 and too old

Jefferson San Juan Jefferson.San.Juan at
Mon Dec 22 18:13:21 UTC 2003

I believe you still need to recompile your kernel after applying that patch.
If a kernel is patched with that "fix", the config file will have a
"CONFIG_ACPI_INITRD" option. Just check if the config file of your kernel
has that option (for fedora, it's in /boot/config-*).

- Jefferson

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> On looking at this mailing list i found the site
> which appears to show that my problems are to do with something called the
> DSDT. The site has a fix for my motherboard but in order to use it i would
> have to recompile my kernel, i think, which isn't something ive ever done
> before so i wouldn't really be comfortable doing it. On further reading it
> appears someone has written a patch to enable people to change there DSDT
> without recompiling there kernel everything (
> ) which has been included with some
> of linux. Does anyone know if there is a change of having this included
> fedora? or if its already included and i dont know about it?
> thanks
> Simon
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> On Sat, 2003-12-20 at 18:35, Simon Bell wrote:
> > Ive recently installed fedora core 1 onto an old desktop machine. It has
> an
> > Abit BP6 motherboard with 2 533 celeron cpu's in it. According to the
> > and manual, it is ACPI enabled, but when i enable it in grub.conf i get
> > error saying my bios is to old and i should use acpi=force
> >
> > Im just wondering what is actually wrong with my acpi bios? I was using
> > power management on windows on this machine with no problems at all. Is
> > actually safe to enable acpi with the force option?
> Like all heuristics, sometimes it makes the wrong decision.
> It doesn't actually know if its bad, but it does trap an awful
> lot of bios's that are bad from that era.
> If you know for a fact that it works ok with acpi=force, filing
> a bugzilla report with dmidecode info means we can whitelist it for
> future kernels.
> You may also want to run the same question by acpi-devel at
> to make sure no-one there knows of something bad in these systems.
> Dave
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