Krikket krikket at gothpoodle.com
Tue Dec 23 05:17:15 UTC 2003

I've a new install of Fedora on the laptop, and ran the up2date, and have
run across some questions I'm hoping folks can answer...

1>  I updated the kernal.  Assuming that everything is working fine (I
haven't confirmed this, and suspect some problems) how do I remove the old
kernam, from the harddrive?  I only have a 4 GB on my harddrive, so the
extra space would be handy...

2>  Before I upgraded the kernal, I was able to SSH in to the laptop from
the outside world.  (For the moment, I have it set up as a server, to help
test other things.  This is only temporary.)  Now when I attempt to "ssh
foobaz.net", I'm getting a connection refused.

3> I've noticed that the download speed and accuract from the redhat site
for updates is, well, horrible.  I made 7 attempts to download/install
packages before giving up on the bulk of them.  Are there mirror sites
that I can use?  And if so, how do I tell up2date to use those servers
instead of the default redhat servers?



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