Problems with named in Fedora Core-1

Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at
Wed Dec 24 01:04:12 UTC 2003

Am Mi, den 24.12.2003 schrieb Hong Siew um 00:02:
> Thanks Ben and everyone,
> With your assistance, I finally managed to fixed it.
> By the way the "redhat-config-bind" gui configurator in Core-1 is suspect.
> It does not create the zone files correctly.
> Anyway, thanks again and have a good Christmas and New Year.

It would have been kind if you had tell us all and for the archives what
the reason was for your chrooted bind problems. And what do you think
the redhat-config-bind GUI tool does wrongly? The Fedora project needs
your input and feedback to improve things which might get better.


P.S. sorry, the other 2 postings where scrampled by the system - so I
try it this time without GPG signature if that helps

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