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Colin Charles linux at
Wed Dec 24 09:46:47 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 20:48, Dave Bachechi wrote:

> Dont know if anyone has tried this, but I got a hold of a 15" powerbook 
> and wanna take off the OSX(never cared for it much) and slap linux on 
> there.  Is this even possible on a mac?  Do the let you boot up a floppy 
> or cdrom so I can format the drive?  

Linux PPC is quite popular actually! (OK, maybe its because I use it an
awful lot...)

You have a few distribution choices:

1. Yellow Dog Linux (YDL)
2. Debian GNU/Linux
3. Gentoo (there's also a LiveCD btw...)

YDL installs just like Fedora would; its very user friendly. Debian is
similar to x86 Debian, but if you track unstable, you get all the newest
software out there.

That said, I run YDL3 and Debian unstable on my PPC boxes. 3.01 of YDL
has been released, and I'll be updating soon.

Oh, if its a new 15" powerbook, Airport Extreme is not supported.
Otherwise, most of everything works. Suggest checking with google for
more details...
Colin Charles, byte at

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